Zepter Cooking Party - Discover the secrets of Zepter products

Zepter high-quality products serve the purpose to promote a healthy lifestyle and to improve living standards of our New Zealand customers.


We have a team of highly trained professional consultants, who will provide unforgettable event “Zepter Cooking Party” for your family and guests in the comfort of your home or Zepter office. The event is free, and we only ask you to provide the products.


As an event host, you will:


1.    Be taken on a journey of latest nutritional information and knowledge

2.    Discover the real taste of meat and vegetables prepared without any added salt, sugar, oils or sauces. It is Impressive!

3.    Find easy solutions for saving biological and nutritious value of food cooked at home

4.    Choose your host gift from a range of natural skincare SWISSOLOGICAL by Zepter.


With Zepter you always WIN!



Zepter Cooking Party is available in Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton and North Regions. To arrange a booking or if you have any further queries, please follow the link to contact us.

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