Innovative Medical devices and health care products which are unrivalled in prevention and recovery therapy, and set new frontiers in the fields of health and beauty treatments.
Bioptron - Light Therapy System

A revolutionary break-through in medicine: the BIOPTRON Light Therapy System. Swiss Medical Devices – clinically tested, for the treatment of wound healing, pain management, skin problems and Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD); for adults, children and newborns. It is also used in cosmetic skincare.

Therapy Air - Air Purifying Systems

A healthy solution to pollution! Protect your health and improve your well-being. Therapy Air Systems defeat indoor pollution and destroy all those viruses, bacteria and moulds which float around in any environment.

Vital - Health and Beauty Systems

Vital System are medical and cosmetic electro-devices which open new horizons for health and beauty. Vital System boosts your health and pleases your body.

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