Masterpiece Collection includes a unique, patented system that is used worldwide for healthy, economic, fast cooking and preparation, as well as for safe food preservation and elegant serving. Zepter Home Art combines wise visions of the past, with the technology of the future.
Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food. Hippocrates - Athens, IV Century BC - Zepter Home Art - worldwide, XXI Century AD
Masterpiece CookArt

The revolutionary stackable cooking system designed to cook without using salt, water or oil, thus allowing food to retain its natural aromas, vitamins and nutritional properties. With less calories and less fat, for a healthier life.

Masterpiece Collection

A wide range of tableware made of the finest-quality materials, and sophisticated table decorations, combining style and elegance.


The patented Vacuum-packing System used worldwide to preserve fresh and cooked food, thus keeping its natural organic properties and vitamins.

Zepter Knives

Felix Solingen's collection of beautiful kitchen tools that will help you turn cooking into art.

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