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“Zepter vs. Pots and Pans” once again proved that food prepared in Zepter Masterpiece Collection cookware has unparalleled taste and flavour compared to the same food cooked in other pots and pans.

We cooked an assortment of vegetables without water, fried chicken breast and fish fillets without added oil, fried bacon and eggs. The difference in taste, flavour and visual appearance was significant. Our guests’ feedback confirmed that Zepter is a winner in the kitchen.

In the end, all opinions of our Guests came along with the scientific research conducted by the Pietro Strazzi Institute of the University of Milan. It has been proven that food properly prepared in the Zepter cookware is healthy since food nutritive values - more vitamins, minerals, proteins, micro and macro trace elements are preserved. This is a simple reason the taste of the food itself without any salt or additives is more delicious and the food is more nourishing. Food cooked in the Zepter cookware is more valuable to our bodies and takes less time to be cooked properly.Zepter cookware is a smart investment for the better and healthier life.

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