Food As Art

Food is one of the most wonderful pleasures life has to offer and it is much more than just sustenance. Food becomes a part of us and for many reasons deserves to be appreciated from several angles, just as we are worthy of such an approach. 


Food has to strengthen and stimulate us, and reward us with taste but it also needs to be prepared, served and consumed with a sense of measure. 


So, just like art, food has to meet some objective criteria in order to be real and not just someone’s illusion.


People often praise a meal as “divine,” or “priceless”. These descriptions are gems of truth. Again, like true art, food represents our contact with the highest spheres of our soul, and is of inestimable value for our health. It knows no national boundaries as it pertains to what makes us who we are.


It is well-known that in Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism as well as all other religions, the terms nutrition or banquet denote a strong spiritual aspect, but the symbolism of food is also connected and compatible with its practical effects. 


Likewise, Zepter’s philosophy of a healthy diet is based on a multidimensional appreciation of food. Food is seen primarily as a source of power, health and beauty, but also as an object of pleasure and a very important daily celebration, great or small, irrespective of whether it is experienced individually or with people who are important and dear to us. 


Some say that anything tasty must be harmful to our health. But these are the words of people who have merely scratched the surface of culinary knowledge and given up learning before they could discover any important secret in their lives, including the fact that food can be a work of art. 

Zepter’s way of preparing food is inspired by the perfection of nature. 


This is why this unique method restores the natural harmony of flavours and natural ingredients by using just the right amount of heat and water, fat and spices, with the assistance of our incomparable artistic tools – the Zepter Masterpiece Cookware Collection.

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