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Philip Zepter Home Design, elegant and luxurious collections that represent Zepter's discerning taste for exquisite details.

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Elite textile collection for the home

The Philip Zepter Home Design textile collection consists of elegant sets of Turkish towel linens for bathrooms, bed linens and bed covers. Made from the finest materials, they are a result of creativity as well as Zepter’s refined taste and passion for life. 

Since style is the art of living, the Philip Zepter Home Design collection represents Zepter International’s firm reply to the current popular trend of minimalism in home furnishing. 

Nostalgic for the luxury of aristocratic homes such as in the twenties and fascinated by the “liberty” style, we have chosen warm and elegant tones for you. Instead of industrial (serial or mass) production that takes the soul out of the product, we chose the irreplaceable atmosphere and precision of craftsman’s workshops. The seal of great designers and attention paid to every detail are qualities handed down to the Home Design collection directly from Italy, the centre of arts.


The collection designers decided to use mostly natural materials, guaranteeing the collection’s quality. High-tech laser beams make it possible to harmonise different materials by embroidering them. They cut the upper layer of the material to a depth of only one millimetre, which reveals the layer underneath and results in new and charming ornamental patterns.
The use of these special embroidering methods means but one thing: Zepter is capable of breathing new life into these tastefully-made artistic collections and experimenting with new materials, insertions, hems and appliqués, creating unexpected and unique results.

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