Masterpiece Cookware

Is a patented system, a unique and everlasting solution for a proper way to prepare healthy food. Masterpiece Cookware’s superior Zepter Metal 316 L, advanced technology and innovative design enable cooking without water and frying without fats so food is healthier yet tastier, retaining its natural aromas, flavours, nutritive and biological values (vitamins, minerals, proteins, micro and macro trace elements), with fewer calories and no dangerous substances. Cooking with the stackable Masterpiece Cookware system saves food, energy, time and money, but most importantly, protects your health. EAT HEALTHY - LIVE LONGER.

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About Health

Zepter International is commited to improving the health and well-being of its customers.

Product Advantages

Great funcionality - innovative technology.

Product Benefits

Preparing food the Zepter way.




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