BIOPTRON - Light Therapy System

BIOPTRON devices are medical devices used under professional conditions at hospitals, specialist institutions, wellness and sports centres and as well at home. BIOPTRON Light Therapy System is for everybody: wide range of applications, easy to use, painless and short treatment time, no known negative side effects and Swiss-made!

The BIOPTRON devices have an innovative technology and are designed to be user-friendly for everyone. Floor stands are available for each device and allow convenient positioning according to the individual user's needs. In this way, each part of the body is easily treatable, providing the user with a relaxed, enjoyable treatment. Differing only in size and design, all three devices have the same physical light characteristics and thus an identical beneficiary effect on the human organism.



The BIOPTRON MedAll Light Therapy device is designed for use at home, in...
This medical light therapy device is designed for home and for professional use.
This medical light therapy device is designed for use by health professionals.
Color Light Set
For your health and well-being.
Oxy Sterile Spray
Unique, sterilised, oxygenated swiss water.
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